HITECC Diploma
Huddersfield University

  • Mathematics: including trigonometry, calculus and statistics -Grade A
  • Physics: mechanics; optics; heat; electricity; semi-conductors -Grade A
  • Engineering: introduction to different branches of engineering -Grade A
  • Humanities: a dissertation of 10 000 words on noise pollution -Grade A

BA Theology and Religious Studies
University of Leeds
  • Course components for Year 1: Studying Religion & Religions Daniel and Esther Religion in Modern Britain History of Christianity The Early Church Fathers Religions of the Ancient Near East Early Christian Communities New Testament Greek
  • Subsidiary Component for Year 1: Hebrew (awarded distinction)
  • Course Components for Year 2: Sociology of Religion The Hebrew Bible (in Hebrew) The Hebrew Bible (in English) Islam Judaism
  • Course Components for Year 3: Christian Theology Islam in the Modern World Business Ethics
  • Final Dissertation for Year 3: Sufism: The Writings of Idries Shah

RSA/UCLES Certificate to Teach English as a Foreign Language to Adults (CTEFLA)
Huddersfield Technical College

  • Understanding of adult learners and principles of language learning
  • Practical working knowledge of English
  • Planning and completing a sequence of lessons
  • Class management and lesson presentation

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