Beech Hill School Nursery (Sept. 1999- August 2000)

Beech Hill School Nursery
Mount Pleasant Ave.
01422 345004
Irene Harford Head Teacher
H. G.Nursery Coordinator
B. W.FT Nursery Nurse
B. B./ S. K. PT Nursery Nurse
K. S.FT Language Development Worker
Calderdale LEA Early Years Forum HIGH/SCOPE (accredited) training
Northowram J&I School Nursery Observation of leading maths teacher
St John's Ambulance First Aider & Trainer KS2
Greenhead College, Huddersfield St. Martin’s Certificate Level 1 Urdu
Pre-school Learning Alliance Early Learning Goals
International Early Yeas Conference ‘Capable Confident Children’

General contributions to school life
  • Attending weekly Young Children’s Department meetings;
  • Attending twice weekly staff briefings;
  • Attending weekly staff meetings;
  • Supporting Year 1 choir for Nativity play,
  • Providing occasional technical support for ICT coordinator.

General contributions to classroom life
  • Sharing all short-term planning 50:50 with Nursery Co-coordinator;
  • Writing all medium-term planning for Mathematics, Knowledge & Understanding of the World, and Physical Development;
  • Observational assessment and target setting for 50% of pupils;
  • Key worker for 13 FT pupils;
  • Writing reports for 26 FT pupils.

Induction Year Work
  • Planning effectively for the needs of pupils with SEN;
  • tracking a pupil identified at risk of failing;
  • collaborating with SENCO and other adults to produce an IEP;
  • assessment of pupils level of attainment and setting targets;
  • planning with due regard for abler pupils;
  • supporting self-assessment;
  • deploying staff and other adults effectively;
  • liaison with parents and carers;
  • establish links with agencies outside school;
  • establishing and leading Beech Hill First Aid Group;
  • target setting for pupils working towards KS1;
  • expectations of pupils during boisterous play;
  • developing an awareness of the role of the governing body;
  • ICT at KS2; history at KS1.

Work involving Home-school Liaison
  • Producing Spring Term 2000 Newsletter;
  • Authoring Toy Library guidelines;
  • Liaison with Huddersfield University to provide resources for making a video for parents, Autumn 2000;
  • Liaison with school dental service;
  • Representing Nursery at meetings with the committee for the Family Centre;
  • Producing information posters for Family Centre;
  • Liaison with West Halifax Education Action Zone to gain financial support for toddlers music programmes, Autumn 2000

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