Literary Subversion & Dissidence

10 modules: 360 Credits

Clagsborough College is renowned for allowing students to study and think about whatever they want, when they want. There's no pass or fail here. We presuppose that those who choose to attend do so because they are self-motivated and self-reliant learners.  Each student is encouraged to research educational theory and evaluate their own performance. Credits are awarded by consensus. Matriculation is a wholly democratic process. Self-deception is futile because degrees awarded by the college are recognised only by Ikhwan al-Idries (the Brethren of Enoch), a union devoted to worldwide non-violent subversion and dissidence. Our ancient order facilitates peaceful anarcho-socialist revolutions across the globe.

Likewise, students are encouraged to systematically develop their own programmes of study. The aim is neither to emulate academic research methods nor to to acquire skills for the job market. Preparing for work in the neoliberal polity is, we believe, like polishing one's neck for the noose. The supposition is that attendance at our college is motivated by a fervent desire to peacefully dismantle the free market economy and instigate a libertarian socialist revolution worldwide.

For his licentiate, Julian Yaqub has developed a modular system with the intention of cultivating his creative writing skills to the level of literary art. As a platform for pursuing this endeavour, Julian intends to develop his ability to (1) appreciate global literature written in English and in translation; (2) understand literary texts in relation to their historical contexts and cultural values; (3) construct a critical vocabulary to analyse a variety of texts, including speculative fiction, drama and poetry, as well as non-fiction; (4) evaluate these texts in relation to a number of theoretical approaches, including postcolonial and gender theory; and (5) write creatively as a method of appreciating, analysing, and evaluating selected texts.
  Module Name

Max. Duration



01 Preliminary Reading 03 years - 25 - 30
02 Literary Theory 03 years - 25 - 30
03 The Arts: Music, Fine Art, Film 03 years - 10 - 30
04 Very Short Introductions 03 years - 10 - 30
05 Literature 05 years - 150 - 90
06 New Critical Idioms 03 years - 20 - 30
07 Writing Skills 03 years - 10 - 30
08 Spec Fic 03 years - 20 - 30
09 History & Society 03 years - 20 - 30
10 Poetry & Drama 03 years - 10 - 30

Julian Yaqub May 2017