Literary Subversion & Dissidence

360 Credits

'By subverting common sense links between utterances and their situations of use, deviant literary discourse invites exploration of kinds of identity, forms of relationship and ways of seeing the world.' (Montgomery et al, 2013, pg. 253)

The college campus is wholly enclosed within the estate and grounds of Clagsborough Ghyll, known locally as the Ghyll, a rambling suburban house located on the south east outskirts of Clagsborough in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The building boasts a unique and eclectic mix of architectural styles, reflecting a history of modifications, rebuilds, and additions that date from its town-house beginnings in the early 18th century to the 1940s, when the Clagsborough municipality designated it as a listed building under the Town and Country Planning Act 1947. In 1963, the Ghyll was purchased by Jamāʻat al-Ikhwān al-Idries (the Brethren of Enoch), a revolutionary Anarcho-Sufi tariqa then led by Muhammad Yaqub al-Idrisi, who adapted it for use as an international college, offering places for up to 12 residential students who study for a Licentiate in Literary Subversion & Dissidence.

Clagsborough College is renowned for allowing students to study and think about whatever they want, when they want, but under the principle of service to humankind through the literary arts and taawwuf. There's no pass or fail here. We presuppose that those who choose to attend do so because they are self-motivated and self-reliant learners.  Each student is encouraged to research educational theory and evaluate their own performance. Assessment is a wholly democratic process and credits are awarded by consensus. Self-deception is futile because the licentiate awarded by the college is recognised only by Jamāʻat al-Ikhwān al-Idries, a union devoted to worldwide subversion and dissidence. Our order facilitates peaceful anarcho-socialist revolutions across the globe.

Likewise, students are encouraged to systematically develop their own programmes of study. The aim is neither to emulate academic research methods nor to to acquire skills for the job market. Preparing for work in the neoliberal polity is, we believe, like polishing one's neck for the noose. The supposition is that attendance at our college is motivated by a fervent desire to peacefully dismantle the free market economy and instigate a libertarian socialist love-revolution worldwide, insha'Allah.

Julian Yaqub, December 2017