Licentiate in Literary Subversion & Dissidence (LLSD)

  Overview Why study for a licentiate in literary subversion and dissidence at ClⒶgsborough College?
  • Become a competent critical reader across a variety of genres, geographies, and historical periods.
  • Learn how to write creatively then learn how to write about literature critically by writing creatively.
  • Gain insight into a breadth of forms, from illuminated manuscripts to absurdist drama, from graphic novels to postcolonial poetry.
  • Enjoy our socially progressive atmosphere without hierarchies, where everyone is free, safe, and loved.
  Aims By reading for a licentiate in literary subversion and dissidence, the agitator will be asked to:
  • Explore and enjoy literature in English from Beowulf to Frankissstein: A Love Story.
  • Shape your own literary critical standpoints through investigating the politics and language of literature.
  • Become competent in the critical reading of literary texts across a variety of genres, geographies, and historical periods.
  • Learn to write reflectively and creatively using a range of textual genres as a method for critically engaging with literary texts.
  Teaching In building a revolutionary literary toolkit, the dissident should draw on different fields of knowledge, including:
  • History.
  • Literary theory.
  • Linguistics and narratology.
  • Creative writing studies.
  Appraisal Students are encouraged to undertake different kinds of work to facilitate and evaluate their own learning, including:
  • Quizzes.
  • Making notes.
  • Keeping a journal.
  • Writing critical creative responses.
  Outcomes By the end of this licentiate, we hope the successful rebel will be able to:
  • Discuss a broad spectrum of literary texts written in or translated into English.
  • Understand the relationships between history, imperialism, patriarchy, knowledge, power, language, and textual interpretation.
  • Draw on the above skills and understandings to respond to texts using critical creative approaches.
  • Participate in subversive activities aimed at fomenting eco-socialist revolutions worldwide.