Semesters Module A Module B Module C
01 King Lear Songs of Innocence and Experience Lyrical Ballads
02 Wuthering Heights Heart of Darkness Wise Children
03 Shakespeare & Renaissance Drama Literature in the Long 18th Century The Romantic Period
04 Victorian Literature Modernist Literature Postwar Literature
05 Theory & Language The Sonnet & Romanticism Beginning Ecocriticism
06 The English Novel Postcolonialism Themes in Women's Poetry
07 Shakespeare, Race & Colonialism Women & Empire in the 18th century Slavery in Literature
08 Rewriting the Canon Jane Austen Social Class from Dickens to Zadie Smith
09 The Troubles Twentieth Century Free Verse Encounters with Don Quixote
10 Postcolonial Gothic Victorian Adventure Novels & Empire Postcolonial Ecocriticism
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