Module A Module B Sub.
Semester 01 Reading & Responding to Literature Creative Writing

Semester 02 Literary Theory Narrative, Language & Literature
Semester 03 The English Novel from Defoe to Orwell The English Sonnet from Wyatt to Duffy
Semester 04 Sexual/Textual Politics Postcolonial Theory
Semester 05 Ecocriticism Encounters with Don Quixote
Semester 06 The Middle Ages from Beowulf to Everyman Shakespeare's Plays
Semester 07 The English Civil War The Rise of the Woman Novelist 1688-1818
Semester 08 Romanticism & Revolution Gothic & Ecogothic
Semester 09 Empire & Victorian Quest Romances British Women Novelists from Brontė to Lessing
Semester 10 The Postcolonial Novel & Postcolonial Poetry Postcolonial Ecocriticism
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