Licentiate in Literary Subversion & Dissidence

Overview Why study for a licentiate in literary subversion and dissidence at Clagsborough College?
  • Learn at a college created to foment non-violent libertarian eco-socialist revolution worldwide.
  • Help us create a rich history and culture for Clagsborough - the world's first zero carbon socialist municipality.
  • Study more than 600 years of writing in English, engaging with literary theory, history, and libertarian socialist politics.
  • Gain insight into a breadth of written forms - from illuminated manuscripts to graphic novels, from poetry to postcolonial fiction.
  • Enjoy our socially progressive atmosphere without hierarchies, where everyone is free, safe, and loved.
Aims By reading for a licentiate in literary subversion and dissidence, the agitator will be asked to:
  • Explore and enjoy English Literature from Chaucer to Zadie Smith.
  • Study Literature under the auspices of the Clagsborough College Student Charter.
  • Become competent in the close reading of texts across a variety of genres and historical periods.
  • Build a critical analytical understanding of the relationship between literary theory, history, politics, language and interpretation.
  • Develop advanced writing skills across a variety of fictional and non-fictional genres.
  • Respond to texts through writing essays and critical creative approaches.
  • Help foment non-violent eco-socialist revolution worldwide.
Teaching In building a revolutionary literary toolkit, the dissident should draw on the following fields of knowledge:
  • Environmental studies.
  • Non-violent revolutionary libertarian socialism.
  • History written from various anarchist, feminist, anti-imperial and postcolonial standpoints.
  • Literary theory shaped by anarchism, poststructuralism, postmodernism, feminism, postcolonialism,  and ecocriticism.
  • Narratology and the study of language as a tool of power and persuasion.
Outcomes By the end of this licentiate, we hope the successful rebel will:
  • Recognise and discuss a wide array of English language literary texts.
  • Use close reading to interpret texts across a range of genres, geographies and historical periods.
  • Possess a critical analytical understanding of the relationship between literary theory, history, place, politics, language and textual interpretation.
  • Draw on the above skills and understandings to respond to literary texts using both formal and critical creative approaches.
  • Participate in non-violent subversive activities aimed at fomenting eco-socialist revolution worldwide.
Faculty A revolutionary who successfully completes the licentiate may apply to enter the faculty:
  • The applicant must first complete a doctoral thesis.
  • The thesis must present in detail a piece of original research written in English to an exemplary standard.
  • The work must have been completed over a period of no longer than 6 years and the thesis must not exceed 80,000 words in length.
  • The completed thesis must be judged by the faculty to appreciably extend and enlighten the discipline of English studies.
  • The final thesis must also make a significant contribution to libertarian eco-socialist thought.