One Hundred Verbs of Solitude

I agreed to allow you to answer. Ask me to be. Become yourself. Begin to believe and borrow all that breaks. They bring, she buys, they call and can carry her changed attitude when she closes the door. Come to me. Cut the mirage and decide to do the waltz of love. Eat and explain to the crowd she fell when she felt filled and found where she finished. Now follow and fly until you forget. Get it, give generously, while others go and all things happen, for we have heard her help and hold the treasures I keep. Know this. The love I learned and left below the staircase lives fervently and she looks at whatever I lost and makes or may mean we met love before anyone moved and no one else must need to open her heart how she pays, better when she plays, and that I sombrely promise. I put what I read but could never remember on the road where she ran every day and said I saw the love rainbow, where sadness seems to sell souls. All was sent and set in stone: thou shall not, should not, show the queen where to sit or sleep where she speaks or spend where she stands or start how she stops. Your heart studies all that she suggests and takes all she talks and tells you how to think. Travel, my friend, and try to turn what you still understand, or use to. And while you wait, wake up the dusk, where she walked and wanted and watched, and she will, she wins, the love works this way, donít worry, we write onward and upward into the golden gracious fever Ö