Ar-Razzaq provides sustenance
food and horses, ships
and stars to chart and guide adventurers

and knowledge of past cities and empires
and the reasons for their demise
but even now

facing our own denigration
how many give their concerns meaning
through action?

What thought have you given to your possessions?
You are obsessed by greed
for more and more
until you go down to your graves
What thought have you given to your possessions?

Who made them?
Did you buy more than you bargained for?
 Was your purchase stained with the tears of injustice and poverty?

What are they made from? And How?
Did you trade your role as khalifah for destroyer?
How much did your cut-price offer cost the earth, today?

And why were they made?
In possessing them
What have you subsequently become?

Empires revel in their complexity
in order to deride
simple truths

Pray for a world where all need is satiated
the earth is cherished
and everything is done and made in God's name