The cry of the soldier
running across the battlefield is
Allahu Akbar

Running with sword aloft
her thoughts silenced
as she steels herself against her foe

The whisper of the warrior
doing battle with his worldly desires is
Allahu Al-Qahhar

in the muddle of life
my brain is busy
but my heart is always sure of its destiny

Dear God
how can I subdue the impostor
who has usurped my life?

Tattoo Al-Qahhar
onto your tongue
to silence its empty repetitions

Burn Al-Qahhar
across your tightened knuckles
to prize open its niggardly grasp upon your ruh

Change your name to Abdul Al-Qahhar
if that's what it takes
to make good

Yes, I would whisper this name 1000 times or more
no less a prisoner than Yusuf
in Egypt

who ran from lust
into gaol
carrying only his God-given talents

I should submit to everything God decrees
to be rid of this thief

Al-Qahhar, for you I wear only white