the unborn child
sucked away

like dust clinging to the underside of a chair
efficiency preserved

dead hearted comfort undisturbed
the unborn child

deformed by
depleted uranium or was it agent orange

petrodollars stockpiled, free trade defended
dreams of empire, like a whore’s hymen, mended

the unborn child

the bomb so smart
it raped his mother

spilled out onto a green operating table cloth
a symbol of scientific power

let it be done
if we can do it better, we will

debris thrown into burning craters
the unborn child

drowned under a tsunami of cargo freighters
the pressure of salty loam

fills his developing lungs
until they explode

the planet desiccated, deforested
cars drive one by one over his headstone road

traffic jam so long
it went to the moon and back

the unborn child
a withered worm

and with nothing else left they eat
the unborn child

cancel it
let the faithless live

a lifetime and a half
an eternity compared to the lifespan of

the unborn child
who inhabit a future of death and pain

endlessly repeated
love at such a distance having

almost lost its meaning
the unborn child

a hundred years
or months
or weeks
or days
or hours
or minutes
or seconds

from now
or less

never saw it coming