And when you walk among the people to proclaim
there is no god but Allah
and that Muhammad is Allah's Messenger

and tell them
they should observe the prayer
pay the Zakat
fast during Ramadan
and make the Hajj if you they are able

and when you walk among the people telling them
to believe in Allah
His angels, His books, His messengers,
and the Last Day
 and in the decreeing both of good and evil

and when call upon them
to worship Allah as though they see Him
for He sees them though they do not see Him

and when you walk among the people proclaiming
the signs of the last day
and warning them

like Shu'ayb
of what befell past civilizations
who ignored the truth

when you do any of these things
my sisters and brothers
first call upon Allah, saying

O our Sustainer!
Lay Thou open the truth between us and our people
for Thou art the best of all to lay open the truth!