Oh Allah, how do I soften
This impudent, world-hardened heart for salah?
By sama', of course

A reminder of the covenant of Alast
When Allah called me forth
From Adam's Loins and Eve's womb

And asked, 'Am I not your Lord?'
Funny question to ask, really...
Is a circle round?

But that was a long time ago
Since then, I have been reborn
Into a triad of arrogant, amnesiac camps

A brothel of book burners who raped me
A family of soul suckers who crucified me
A nation of truth deniers who sold me into slavery

I'll buy a drum, then
And beat out Your names alone
Washed up pure, I'll sweat out that grey hate poison

Ripping off my shirt and then
Tearing open my thorax,
Whatever it takes, Lord, to make me humble in spirit