Abu Dharr: Aspie Nigger

Abu Dharr aka Michael Palmer

My name's Abu-Dharr. Iím a scholar-thief and I live in monkey-zoo. Okay, so letís get a couple of things straight right from the off. First of all, white middle class folks are the biggest fucking monkeys there are. Maybe a bit more docile than us aspie-niggers (some might think the docility a plus), probably on account of their fat white heads being so weighed down with half-baked, second-hand shit. But their endless obsession with hierarchies and the minutiae of social regulation is classic chimper-chump. If they put all that pecking order zippity into peace and goodwill, weíd all be home fucking free by now.

Actually, it turns out Iím not who you thought I was. Iím not a jinn Ė not that Iím human, either. No, Iím a prisoner. The minute you commit a crime in this world, youíre banged up. Itís playing the game of belonging and not-belonging. Of course, youíre in prison the minute you donít commit a crime, too. Every time you join or donít join. Join up or join in. Thereís only one escape route I know, and thatís to turn round, face that inner primate, see exactly what it needs to keep you from going ape-shit, then figure out a way of feeding those needs without fucking up anybody elseís world. How much of your sorry life will get crossed-off the calendar before that shitís sorted? The monkey needs some love. Give it some, mumma! Gimme some!

The second point Ė and letís cut to the chase here: white folks still think theyíre the apex of human cultural evolution.  It's the Aspie-niggers' dog nightmare. Take one of their so-called civilizationís enduring fantasies: gender equality. Truth is, well-meaning social engineers have stirred up things so bad that now every white frig-wanker canít even tell if theyíre kissing arse or kicking it. Itís like a hornets nest after an anarchist revolution with the volume turned down. White women are still getting murdered and maimed and raped and bullied by white men in abundance, but somehow, thereís this insane notion things have improved. Ditto all kinds of violence. Millions snuffed, climate catastrophe, itís progress. Maybe one day, some big-pig producer will get access to the CIA cameras in the President's bedroom or glue CCTV on the end of every US/UK-made gun, but nothing will change, nothing.

White monkeys deceive themselves more often than they piss.