Born on: Friday 19 Rabi' al-awwal 1383 A.H. (1963 CE), Chelmsford.

Domicile: Clagsborough, or thereabouts.

Gender: Agender - fighting to subvert traditional gender binaries.

Progeny: Three grown-up children, one with ASD; two gorgeous growing grandkids.

Occupation: Postgraduate reading Literary Subversion and Dissidence at Clagsborough College.

Worldview: Muslim Anarcho-pacifist, feminist. I think Prevent is a pile of anti-Muslim Neoconservative shite.

Offline: Write Mind: A Dervish Lament for Theo Van Gogh, Q-News, Dec. 2004, Issue 358; Bleedin' Islamophobia, Q News, March 2005, Issue 361; World Muslim Book Review 25:4; 'The Voyage in: Second Life Islamophobia', in S Sayyid & Abdoolkarim Vakil [Eds.] Thinking Through Islamophobia: Global Perspectives (Hurst & Co, 2010); plus letters to The Times, Guardian, TES, & Telegraph.

Online: On Becoming a Muslim Anarchist; Talk Islam; Counterfactual Briarland; Dissident Sexualities; White, Weird and Wonderful; People's Panel; The Magnificent Legs of Asif Hamza, eSteampunk Vol. 01 No. 04; Spit Mad (blog, 2017+).

Threat Level: In 1984, I was fined 20 for vandalising a local gun shop; in 2010, my former website was named as one of the UK's top ten 'pro-Islamic blogs' in research carried out on behalf of the UK Home Office's counter-terrorism communications unit.

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CV Copyright notice: original materials Julian Yaqub, 2016. 
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Julian Yaqub was formerly known as Yunus Yakoub Islam.