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My dreams the universe - this planet and all its life the home I share and protect - humankind my family - the libraries of the world my awakening - a parent's tears my heart - the wonder of a child my soul - libertarian eco-socialism, neurodiversity and the postcolonial my creeds - peace and justice my purpose - dialogue, education and critical reflection my toolbox.
                        --  Fortitude J. B. Huddlebeck

 + the clagsborough one hundred
 + learning how to learn
 + narrative & metaphor
 + writing skills
 + postcolonialism/race
 + gender theory
 + social class
 + queer theory
 + disability theory
 + neurodiversity
 + intersectionality
 + colonialism/imperialism
 + capitalism/neoliberalism
 + climate change
 + non-violent direct action

 preliminary reading
poetry, theatre, prose
the ancient world
the middle ages
renaissance & reformation
shakespeare's plays
revolution & restoration
the long eighteenth century
the victorians
+ the fin de siècle
+ the short twentieth century
+ the world after 1989

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the clagsborough one hundred

Reading Now

Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Paulo Freire, 2017, Penguin Classics

'The foremost work on the key democratic task: helping people to identify and challenge the sources of their oppression ... a transformative text' George Monbiot, Guardian

Arguing that 'education is freedom', Paulo Freire's radical international classic contends that traditional teaching styles keep the poor powerless by treating them as passive, silent recipients of knowledge. Grounded in Freire's own experience teaching impoverished and illiterate students in his native Brazil and over the world, this pioneering book instead suggests that through co-operation, dialogue and critical thinking, every human being can develop a sense of self and fulfil their right to be heard.

Social Science in Question
Mark J. Smith, 1998, Sage

How do social scientists study the social world? Is social scientific practice in transformation? Can social science learn from its own past?

This major text takes the reader on an intellectual journey starting with the story of modern science and the impact that this has had on social scientific practice, and going on to outline and critically review the major approaches to social scientific inquiry, ranging from positivism to postmodernism. Throughout, readers are encouraged to think carefully about what it means to: study the social world in a scientific way; make connections between what they do and the everyday lives of the people they study; and look beyond their discipline and think in a postdisciplinary way.


Crouched below the Pennine hills, the Grand Imperial Municipality of Clagsborough straddles the confluence of the rivers Claggy and Hengment on the throat of the Rowther Estuary, replete with its shoddy mills, whalebacks, dirigibles, velocipedes and ha'penny steam tram network. Three other conurbations brush the outskirts of its Pleistocene triskelion ghyll: Hopplesdale to the west; the cranetown of Lower Wharram to the north west; with the county capital Shiplingham-on-Dearne to the south.

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