Cadmus Arch

You tried to fuck your sister,
didn't   you, Cadmus, you
naughty little boy
you. Cadmus you.

Flying away
like an ostrich playing hopscotch:
faster, faster Cadmus.
   Straight up over yon rising sun.

Don't forget your wife!
   Don't forget your dragon dentures
                          and heroes behind you, Cadmus,

       the icarus prickurus wax
              sliding off your wings
                                                    at the moment of melting.

                                     Ö din, didnít you forget    . . something,

     Why tell me why did you writhe around the roaring globe?
     Why you tied and tightened your guts around
        the sunís thighs
     Why did you pull his trousers down, pin them on a sick world:

        Why FUCK THE SUN, Cadmus, THE SUN?

Cadmus you can fuck your sister fuck her and bludgeon her with your lust

       But the Sun, Cadmus; it
       will burn
       your flesh into a crusty shroud.


Copyright Julian Yaqub 2011