Poem for Patrick Harte

Amygdalesque is a place
where people proclaim themselves Messiahs
and take medication for their benefit - not yours

Moon walk between desks a lurching and discourse political
imagine whatever it takes
to make people think whole again

Yashmak hides a transgendered face
the outsider
the marginalised

Dreaming of hope in sainthood

A sanctuary to all
who have idealised ambition
then seen it stampeded all over by the herd

Limp through sunrise in cities
and towns and camps and barrios
villages and cemeteries

Evil or ugly
they understand
the forbidden lands

Saints dreaming in hoods of hope

Quietly reasonably know the facts
and the unspoken motives
of kings and gangsters, soldiers and tycoons

Upturn thy world
shatter the crack happy hegemony
with carnival of love drunk heterogeneity

Engage the spirit of arrogant truth
a single theme more potent than porn
tales from the shunned

Julian Yaqub 2016